Here’s the corporate dribble HR made us put at the top of this ad listing: Acro Media is looking for a DevOps Engineer to help build out solutions to drive our dynamic & interactive client Web sites.

Now that’s done, here’s what we really want - some cool individual who loves but is not owned by the code. Someone who can drop lines of code like it’s their native tongue but still talk to our crew comfortably and sometimes even the odd client.

We consider ourselves a laid back bunch, but driven to do good for our customers. We’re looking for low egos, and high skills. We don’t expect you to have 10 years experience, we expect you to have clean coding ability, and the willingness to learn. We love a young, fresh genius looking to get some top level work experience under his or her belt.

We aren’t looking to stick you in a corner (nobody puts Baby in a corner) with headphones on and call you “the IT department”. Developers own this joint; we get it. If you’re desperate to break free from that office life where you co-workers have never even heard of Minecraft, and want to come on board to build kick-ass automations, eCom sites, apps, games, corporate gems, and some Acro driven ventures, keep reading.

Below is some important stuff. These are some of the things you’d be doing and the skills you possess. If you’re not an exact match, but what you see throughout entices you - do apply! You never know...

What are we looking  for? 

A step back…perhaps you want to know a bit about the company you’re applying for eh? (...yes, we’re true Canadians). Acro Media specializes in producing exceptional Open Source solutions, focusing almost exclusively on Drupal ecom builds, and the infrastructure which supports them. We work with companies that have specific problems that they can’t solve with standard “off-the-shelf” solutions. We provide custom web applications that allow our clients to adapt at the pace of their needs and become leaders in their market. We provide everything they need to plan, integrate and launch a successful online strategy.

As the successful candidate, here’s some things you’ll be responsible for: 


  • Producing high quality, readable work, and delivering it when (or sooner than) you promised.
  • Adhering to Acro Media standards and processes
  • Working independently on multiple smaller tasks or larger builds with shifting priorities and tight deadlines
  • Communicating well with Account Managers, Supervisors, and Clients in regards to work requests, problems and defects
  • Acting as both a peer / mentor to other Developers as well as be comfortable asking for help from team members
  • Implementing secure, highly available hosting systems
  • Enforcing security for yourself and others, in your work and your processes
  • Writing tests for your work
  • Documenting processes that can't be otherwise expressed as code
  • Knowing your limits - asking for help when you need it, not burning yourself out, etc.

For this position, we want you to be intimately familiar with at least one form of *nix. We mostly work with Ubuntu and Red Hat / CentOS servers, but if you've been hacking on OS X since 1999, or are one of those Gentoo or Arch freaks, that counts too.

This is the deep end you'll be diving in to: 

  • Drupal development (everything you'll be doing is in support of this, so it would help if you've had some experience with it)
  • Git(lab, actually) and CI Pipelines
  • RDBMS management (we maintain MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Percona)
  • One or more of the big cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • IAC/CAC practices and systems, especially Ansible & CloudFormation
  • Services that commonly support web applications, such as Redis, Memcached, Solr, Varnish, Postfix, etc
  • High availability systems, Load balancing, NFS, auto scaling, cluster fencing, etc
  • Containers, in all kinds of different contexts - You'll be dealing with everything from Lando dev environments, to Gitlab runners, to Kubernetes clusters.
  • PCI or HIPAA compliance
  • Symmetric & asymmetric encryption, and how to securely handle and store private keys
  • Log shipping, Elk stacks
  • Enterprise monitoring tools: Prometheus, New Relic, Data dog, Nagios, etc
  • End to end testing frameworks: Nightwatch, Jmeter,  etc
  • Network configuration - DNS, Routing and subnets, 

You'll be doing a good deal of scripting, so we'll want to see some code samples you're proud of. In order of most used, Bash, Python, Go, Ruby are acceptable for tooling. As long as it's readable and tested, that's what counts. If you roll C or C++, you'll score bonus points with the CTO, and we'd still like to see it, but you won't be using it day to day. If you write Perl, maybe just keep that to yourself. 

Heated arguments you can expect to get into at Acro Media:

  • Tabs vs spaces (just kidding, you can't use tabs here)
  • What's the best text editor or IDE 

When you submit your resume, please submit some samples of work you’ve done, the first step of our hiring process is always to get some code samples so might as well speed the whole process along.

All offers of employment with Acro Media Inc are contingent upon the candidate having successfully completed a criminal background check.  

Here are some things we pride ourselves on being able to offer our staff:

  • Flex start times & Earned days off:  Do you prefer to start at 8:00? or 9:00? We'll work with you. Want every second Friday off? Well we've got a program for that too!
  • Paid Overtime for all roles...including salary positions: What? What?! Yep you heard right. We pay for all approved OT...not that we want everyone working so hard, but with the natural ebb and flow of our industry sometimes it's needed to blast out the OT in order to keep our heads above water. We find this little pay cheque nugget is a nice reward for the over timerz.
  • Slappies: Tougher to explain but once a month we get together and have a little ceremony, some food, a few brews - no altars or corporate chants involved.
  • Fun day: We aim to have fun every day; however, every year for a day we cram a bunch of fun on ourselves. Weee!
  • SPARC Events: Sometimes we have an in-house breakfast, team building events, (less corny than it sounds), competitions, or just a plain little reward for no reason. It's a little spark in our usually normal days. Warning, we make you wear costumes. Often.
  • Culture: We're a certain type of people. We're all a little different and unique in our own way but we seem to work well together. No one’s perfect and we embrace that. We take our work seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. Check out our site to get to know us!

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